Yoga & Creative Movement for Birth, Motherhood, Postpartum, and Mother with Baby

“Embody the knowledge and your instincts will guide you.” – Janet Balaskas

A loving relationship with the body, the baby, and ourselves.

Weekly Class for Expectant Mothers

This weekly yoga class is designed for expectant moms to celebrate the life they are bringing into the world. We will not only look at the physical changes of pregnancy, but also at the magic of pregnancy and the deep emotional experiences that accompany it.
Through movement, we will explore how to listen to and discover your body’s needs,  your feelings, and your state of mind. As an expectant mother, you will be guided toward your inner resources – for self-nourishment, and for finding your own instincts and following your intuition. As a group – students and teacher, together – we can examine the questions and uncertainties that may arise. This will help mothers to discover their own power and potential for giving birth naturally.
Practical work will include learning the following:
  • Postural awareness
  • Poses that alleviate discomfort during the expectant mother’s journey
  • Positions that provide comfort and facilitate labor
  • Movement sequences (Dru yoga)
  • Breath awareness
  • Simple breathing techniques for labor and birth
  • Sound and vocalization techniques
  • Beautiful visualizations
  • Poses that offer deep relaxation
In each class, every student will receive individual attention. The areas of focus that are most important to her in that moment will be identified, and her specific needs will be addressed.

Workshop: Preparing for Birth with or without Partners and/or Birth Companions

This workshop is offered during the last trimester of pregnancy to expectant mothers and their birth partner(s) and/or companion(s).Learn to create a setting for labor! The body positions you choose in labor are an expression of your inner attitude.This practical, hands-on workshop will guide you through the different stages of labor, providing the opportunity to learn and practice the following:
  • A variety of body positions useful during labor and birth
  • Simple breathing techniques that will calm you and provide renewed strength
  • Easy massage techniques to help release tension

“Mothering the Mother” Classes:  Postpartum mom with baby (Ages 6 wk. to 6 mo.)

Enjoy classes that “mother the mother” during the first three months of your baby’s life.
Share feelings about birth and mothering while meeting new moms and their babies. While gathering with other moms and babies, learn about quiet time, family bed, and other maternity tips, as well as breastfeeding and massage.
Practical work will include learning and practicing the following:
  • Awareness around, and moving back into, the space your baby occupied for nine months
  • Simple and safe movements to release energy, and to stretch and regain tone in the muscles and organs of the abdominal region and pelvic floor
  • Postures to open the chest and relax the muscles that become tense during carrying or breast feeding a baby
  • Restorative yoga postures to develop a sense of calm and inner balance
We will also discuss some of the spiritual, psychological, and emotional issues of mothering and conscious parenting.